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Esmeralda succombe au charme du Marquis

Esmeralda 011a  © alain-marc malgaLe grand retour…de la façade !

L’investissement avait été entériné. C’est fait ! Le premier système Marquis JBL Dance Club Series installé en France trône désormais à l’Esmeralda. La discothèque toulousaine se donne ainsi les moyens d’entretenir son leadership local et profite d’un formidable retentissement, au delà même de nos frontières, en rejoignant le cercle encore très fermé des clubs internationaux équipés du système modulaire de diffusion multivoie: à Barcelone comme à Ibiza, Londres, Orlando… Continuer la lecture

The release of the new id-al © interactive video players full HD will take place at ISE 2014 in Amsterdam (Feb 4-6, 2014 )

VP200HD ID-AL ISEIntegrated System Europe was launched in 2004 to fulfill the need for a pan-European forum for the emerging markets of professional AV and electronic systems.

Firstborn of the Full HD range of Video Players , the VP200HD is from a highly technical nature, powerful and versatile.

Key Features: USB storage media, integrated amplifier, HDMI key, Composite …

The VP200HD allows playback in a loop on powering on and playback by trigger through input contact.

Three other references complete the range in extended interactivity versions.

Designed and manufactured in France the id-al © range brings versatility and reliability to the audio/video broadcast, with the added value of an implementation accessible to all.

Stephanie Dorin , export manager will be happy to welcome you during the ISE show Hall 8 E 215 to make you presentation of the whole of the interactive range id-al© made by Waves System.